Top of the Trees
Took a walk on a sunlit road
Tryin’ to remember what I know
Took a turn in your shaded wood
Made a path with my attitude

Looking up in yr branches spread
Am I here or am I in bed?
A clearing filled with dappled light
My thoughts were birds taking flight

I feel your strength supporting me
To me you’re always…
Top of the Trees

You sculpted a place for me
Leaves grow so happily
You’re waving in the wind
Forest says come on in

Cradled in your sunny warmth
Risen to a graceful form
Built a house in your wisdom old
Now our green is turning gold

I see the you that no one sees
To me you’re always…
Top of the Trees

Next Level
You won’t see me gone
But you’ll come along
With a travel song
That you know

You will see me rise
Fly through moonlit skies
With a sweet surprise
You are there

Meet me at the Next Level

You won’t see me go
But you’ll surely know
When the sky’s the floor
Can’t ignore

Land on diamond shores
Where the light implores
Through the gateway doors
To the feast

Meet you at the Next Level

Where you’ll meet yourselves
And create our wealth
The dead are seen to live
What you receive you will give
You will give, you will give

The distance brings
Echoes of endless things
Through the candle’s glow
To the show

She’s the queen of air
And she beckons there
It’s the fairest fair
That you know

Meet us at the Next Level

Rise in the grace of this new liberation
Each I has its place in our constant creation
Wind takes the courtyard’s fancy frustration
When the songs bring alleviation

Gatheround the sound
We’re holding ground
Gatheround the sky
Me, you, and I

Fly to spirit delegations
Reprise the ritual manifestation
Each cry from your lips and our joy is awakened
Try my soul in the sunlight we’re making

Gatheround the sound
We’re holding ground
Gatheround the sky
We, you, and I

Stage your play at my home station
Here’s the way to widen relations
Spirit clay in operation
Find the lines of the truth we are facing

Gatheround the sound
We’re holding ground
Gatheround the sky
We, you, and I

I’ve been waiting, on the line
See  you comin’, so many times
I’ve been wanderin’, the same old track
Always going, but I’m coming back

You’re the sea, and I’m the sand
Reciprocation, no demand

Found a potion, makes me forget
Have no memory of taking it yet
Found a notion, lets me believe
Future forgiveness, for present reprieve

When I wake up, you’re beside
Oh yeah I’m glad, been taking this ride

Got a delivery, letter from life
Form of a sculpture, made by my wife
Note from my spirit, call from my soul
A little being, a bigger goal

When we shake up that same old game
The roles reveal the movie’s name

Sweet violin, and horseback rides
Present pause, in our replies
Door is open, and era begun
Portal crossed, we’ve already won

When we take up, our story’s tale
World we make up, from sun to pale

Jack Move
Cool hunting is turning cold
The filmmaker has not been sold
Whole wide world lays in a sprawl
Found a way to enjoy it all
Need create a place that is making me
Come to the grace where expansion flies
What they don’t know, soon they’ll embrace
A Jack Move casting that world aside
A Jack Move…

Gather the tribe in the basement
after some free jazz
Expanding the mind encasement
Stepping off the path

Underdog that goes over
Above the rest of the town
He didn’t know they were starting
a movement and wearing a crown

Find me a glam that needs some dirt
Cry in a broken glass
Igster doesn’t need a shirt
For the crowd to pass

Wild cuz the truth is upon him
Tongue can fight like a lash
Crowd is lifting him upwards
Fallen creates with a crash

Shortest fuse lasts the longest
Spark of life from the sound
No idiot is the strongest
From the mic to the ground

Find me a show where the oldsters grow
A young heart laced with scars
Igster leads the fallen crowd
To the rising stars

Time has a way of making a rebel right
If they stir some morning sun into the night

We saw him in Deutschland
From the rim of a plastic cup
Infinity plus a thousand
Joyfully adding it up

His majesty throwing
A body that channels the light
The lion growls a chorus
Snarl that chews on a bite

Find me a place where a wizened face
Serenades a power chord
Igster runs the longest race
To the silver shores

They made me wear my hat inside the cathedral
Wanted to pay my respect to the gods
I wrote lyrics for the Dead then
Climbed all the stairs to the top

I met a goddess in Cologne town
She lived upstairs from a Rose
We took a train to the Westwald
Walked the forest path to the grove

They’re going to kneel now
I’ll play my know-how
Not going to pray their game
Visualizin’ the enterprisin’
As gods we’re all the same

Pointy hats for the enlightened
I wore stocking cap for my crown
We flocked around like Fake Tourists
Romans roamin’ around Trier town

Enough for a Life
Made a friend in a foreign land
Her friends helped me understand
Magazines by the bed
Peaceful feeling in my head

Got a business it’s going good
Bring a crowd to the neighborhood
Fixed a car going fast
Present future from the past

That’s Enough for a Life

Johnny Cash reverb setting
Amplifier we’re not forgetting
Curious how they made that sound
The studio and the town

Oh yeah I buy those songs
Don’t want to stream ‘em along
Gotta get paid for your craft
Fix a hole in this leaky raft

That’s Enough for a Life

Explore an abandoned hotel
The kids are with us as well
Rescue a stuffed animal and bring it home

Next time babysitting
For the quest we’re not forgetting
Good to have good friends in town
Bring that old tension down

It’s a worldwide collection
That shines upon reflection
Kids among big chess pieces
As our sense of peace increases

It’s Enough for a Life
Ah life

Echo Tree
The plane has landed
Taken by the hand and…
Forest understanding
The path leads to you

The rings brought peace
Float along the breeze
Calm is the key
Brings them in too

It’s coming back to me
Returning from the Echo Tree
Calling across the view
What you give comes back to you

Friends to relations
Barely make the stations
Sweet contemplations
In the movie view

Build a legacy
Kids, you and me
Friends across the sea
Sie becomes a dü

It’s coming back to me
Feedback from the Echo Tree
Repeat to me your love
Across, below, and above

All lyrics copyright 2013 by Marc Coleman.  Used by permission.

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