The Bass!!

I saw the Orb last night. They are currently Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann, who dj a maelstrom of amazing sounds. An electronic concert such as this is a different universe than a guitar/band based show.
I have felt a room vibrate before (Mogwai, Sonic Youth, etc), but this was a new world of sound.  The bass was carefully calibrated to make the room become an instrument in tandem with the roars and beats emanating from
the massive speaker system tuned to the room at Mill City Nights.  Sample based shows can work, and this was an inspiration, even to a guitar based musician such as myself.  I’ve listened to plenty of techno on the stereo, but that can’t compare to the immersive experience I was surrounded with last night.  The opener, KPT, was also excellent.
orb official site

Translating the sunset into song

That’s a way to enter the palace of music.  Take a visual image, such as this sunset over Northeast with its attendant smells and sounds on a warm Sunday.  Hold this image in your mind as you find the notes on the fretboard.  Fly into the golden warmth as your soul sings free on a shining melody.  Think of winters past, when the glow alighted on smiling faces you know, on a long slow afternoon immaculate.  A sense of freedom, of the chimes of mixing times into the heart of a chord, another chord, a slide down and back up the neck.  As in the hills of youth in a sled, taking flight in my dreaming bed.  A way to write, take this image tonight.


It’s been a bit quiet in the realm of Marcsonic.  I’ve taken a break from it to work on a new project with an old friend.  We’ve been writing songs from extended jam sessions, and it’s starting to come together.

I’ve also been working on a new approach to creating Marcsonic tracks, so I’m working on new Marcsonic material, never fear!